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Dear Donors, the Foundation exists thanks to you!

Our Organization is young and does not run any enterprise. The whole Team of the Foundation works socially, without obtaining any payment for that, but our activities cause inevitable costs and therefore needs funds. .

The Donations we get for making our Goals become reality, help us function and develop new projects, such as:

  • free Polish courses for the immigrants
  • free counseling in the work legislation, legalizing your stay and others
  • printing the posters and the brochures of the Foundation
  • we need an office / a room in Wrocław

Donating a voluntary amount (for example 20, 50 or 100 PLN) for FAM is easy; you just have to transfer it to our bank account with the title „Darowizna na cele statutowe” („Donation for the Statutory Goals”).

Recipient: Fundacja ANIOŁY MIGRANTÓW

Address: ul. Legnicka 65, 54-206 Wrocław

The title of the Deposit: Darowizna na cele statutowe

Nr konta: 64 1750 0012 0000 0000 30 368 584


It is worth to know that such donations may be counted off the tax basis in the Annual Tax Return and therefore one is allowed to receive the Tax Refund.

Legal Persons who do the Tax Return with the PIT form, are allowed to count off up to 6% of the tax basis.

Corporate entity, the payers of CIT (it is the entrepreneurship, etc) are allowed to cut off the donations up to 10% of the tax basis.

The evidence of sharing the donation is the confirmation of the deposit made on the bank account of the recipient (for example the printed confirmation of the deposit).

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